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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall form part of any contract concluded between Bristol Office Furniture thereafter called ‘BOF’ and the Purchaser. Such contract shall be deemed to incorporate the conditions set out below to the exclusion of the Purchasers or any other conditions whatever the source.

  • 1) Prices All quotations are made and orders accepted on the basis that goods/services will be charged at the price ruling on the date of delivery. All prices are subject to carriage and VAT at the rate applicable at the invoice date. BOF reserves the right to vary its prices without notice to the Purchaser.
  • 2) Credit Facilities BOF reserves the right to refuse the order, to delay execution of the order, to request payment in part or in full prior to execution of the order or to cancel any Contract entered into with the Purchaser prior to commencement of deliveries to the Purchaser if BOF’s normal enquiries indicate that the Purchasers credit may not be sufficient to meet the needs of the Contract. The Purchaser will if requested by BOF take any reasonable steps to satisfy BOF prior to execution of the order as to its credit worthiness such as the provision of trade and bankers references. When BOF is satisfied with its enquiries a Credit Account may be allocated to the Purchaser at BOF’s discretion.
  • 3) Payment All cheques should be made payable to Bristol Office Furniture, and crossed account payee only. If paying by BACS or other means please contact BOF for details. All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate. a) Payment Terms without a Credit Account Facility – payment is due in full upon collection by or delivery to the Purchaser. Full payment or a deposit may be requested by BOF prior to acceptance of an order. b)Payment Terms with a Credit Account Facility – Payment is required within 30 days of invoice date unless otherwise agreed in writing between BOF and the Purchaser. Prompt payment is a condition precedent to future deliveries. If the Purchaser fails to pay any invoice by the due date then without prejudice to its other rights (including the right to withhold delivery of future instalments of an order) BOF shall be entitled to interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 2% over Bank Rate per month ruling at the time the debt is overdue. Interest will be chargeable to all overdue amounts from the date that the debt becomes overdue until the date payment is received in full.
  • 4) Titles to Goods Supplied All products sold to the Purchaser will remain the property of BOF until such times as the appropriate invoice has been paid in full.
  • 5) Lien BOF shall in respect of all unpaid debts due from the purchaser under the same or any other contract however a general Lien on all goods and property of the Purchaser in its possession (although such goods or some of them may have been paid for) and shall after the expiration of 15 days notice to the Purchaser be entitled to dispose of such goods and property as it deems fit and apply any proceeds towards such debts.
  • 6) Default, Insolvency, Bankruptcy etc of Purchaser If debts from the Purchaser to BOF shall become overdue or if the Purchaser shall make default in or commit breach of the Contract or of any other of his obligations to BOF or if any distress or execution shall be levied upon the Purchaser’s property or assets or if the Purchaser shall make or offer to make arrangements or composition with Creditors or commit any act of Bankruptcy or if any Petition or Receiving Order in Bankruptcy shall be presented or made against him or if the Purchaser is a Limited Company and any Resolution or Petition to wind up such company’s business (other than for the purpose of amalgamation) shall be passed or presented or if a Receiver of such company’s undertakings, Property or Assets or any part thereof shall be appointed to BOF shall have the right forthwith to determine any contract then subsisting and upon written notice of such determination being posted to the Purchaser’s last know address any subsisting contracts shall be deemed to have been determined without prejudice to any claim or the right BOF may otherwise make or exercise.
  • 7) Delivery BOF shall endeavour to deliver goods or supply services by the date quoted at the time of acceptance or order. Such delivery quotations shall be treated as approximate only and not as terms of the Contract. BOF shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or expense, either direct or indirect and including but not limited to loss of profit or liability to third parties which may be suffered by the Purchaser by reason of late delivery of the goods from whatsoever cause such late delivery may arise. If for any reason the Purchaser is unable to accept delivery of the goods at the time when the goods are due for delivery BOF shall if its storage facilities permit store the goods and the Purchaser shall be liable to BOF for the reasonable cost (including insurance) of its so doing. This provision shall be without prejudice to any other claim which BOF may have in respect of the Purchasers failure to take delivery at the appropriate date.
  • 8) Risk and Damage In Transit a) In the event that goods are to be delivered by BOF then the risk therein shall pass to the Purchaser at the point in time when the goods are unloaded from BOF’s vehicle; b) In the event that the goods are collected by the Purchaser from BOF’s premises the risk therein shall pass to the Purchaser when the goods are physically handed over to the Purchaser, his carrier or other agent; c) No claim for loss or damage in transit will be considered unless BOF (in writing) receives such claim within 7 days of the date of delivery. If a claim is established the liability of BOF will be limited to replacing or repairing the missing or damaged product or at the option refunding the Purchase Price.
  • 9) Return of Goods a) The return of goods delivered or collected to or by a Purchaser will not be allowed without prior agreement with BOF. Goods are not supplied on a ‘sale or return’ or ‘try before you buy’ basis and it is a condition of sale that BOF has an exclusive right to refuse the return of the goods if in BOF’s judgement the reason for the return is unreasonable. This condition in no way affects BOF’s title to goods until time of discharge of debt; b) Any application to return goods must be made by the Purchaser within 7 days of the delivery date. NO application to return goods will be considered outside that limit; c) BOF reserves the right to charge a handling fee of at least 15% on the value of any goods returned.
  • 10) Cancellation of Orders Cancellation of orders for goods or services by the Purchaser will only be accepted if received in writing PRIOR to delivery by BOF. In the case of items specifically manufactured for the Purchaser any cancellation once the Purchasers order has been put into process will automatically incur a liability for any materials, labour costs, expenses and other related charges applicable to that order from the start of the process to the stage reached at the time of cancellation.
  • 11) Force Majeure The due performance of the contract is subject to cancellation or variation by BOF as a result of any Act of God, War, Riots or Civil Disturbance, Strike, Lock Out or other Dispute, Fire, Flood, Drought or Accident, Legislation, Requisitioning or other Act of Order by any Government dept, Council or any other Duly Constituted Authority or of any other clause (whether of the foregoing clauses or not) beyond BOF’s control. In such event no liability shall attach to BOF by reason or cancellation or variation of any Contract.
  • 12) Variation of Terms Any variation of the Terms and Conditions of any contract shall become binding only if confirmed in writing by BOF and the Purchaser.
  • 12) Effect of Legislation If any of these conditions or any part of these conditions is rendered void by any legislation to which it is subject, the Contract shall be void to that extent only.

Specific Terms and Conditions of Hire

  • 1) All equipment remains the property of Bristol Office Furniture, hereinafter known as ‘BOF’.
  • 2) Hire period: a) The hire period commences from the date quoted; b) BOF must be informed immediately of any extension in the hire period and the hirer shall be charged extra accordingly; c) The hire period ends on the date originally quoted, unless the hire is ongoing, in which case a minimum notice of 7 days is required, or a charge will be made for 7 days in lieu of notice.
  • 3) Invoicing & Payment: a) Full or part payment prior to delivery may be requested by BOF and can, at the option of BOF be used towards any monies due from the hirer to BOF; b) All ongoing hire contracts will be invoiced at monthly intervals. Payment is required within 30 days of invoice date unless otherwise agreed; c) All cheques should be made payable to Bristol Office Furniture, and crossed account payee only. If paying by BACS or other means please contact BOF for details; d) All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate; e) In the event of cancelled forward bookings, 50% of the lost hire charges will be payable by the hirer to BOF.
  • 4) Delivery & Collection: a) The hire is deemed to require 1 delivery & 1 collection regardless of the hire period. Additional deliveries/collections within the hire period will incur additional charges; b) BOF will make every endeavour to affect delivery and collection at the times indicated by the hirer. Removal will be effected as soon as possible, but all equipment cannot be collected immediately after use from all sites. Hire charges do not include attendance or the services of watchmen, and the safe custody of equipment will be the hirer’s responsibility until it is collected; c) It is the duty of the hirer to provide at such destination or site, a duly authorised representative to accept the equipment and to sign the delivery note; d) The quotation is based on the assumption that the site is served with a firm access road to the place of loading and unloading. Also, the goods will be delivered and collected to the ground floor, street level only, unless otherwise quoted for. The hirer is solely responsible for all damages caused to the surface and cultivations of the site if the above is not so. If any extra costs are incurred due to the above not being so, then this will be passed onto the hirer; e) Unless otherwise quoted for BOF does not set out or erect any equipment; f) Goods must be available for collection at the delivery address unless otherwise agreed. Any extra expenses incurred where subsequent journeys are made necessary will be charged accordingly; g) BOF will accept no equipment other than that which has been hired and specified on the collection note. Any goods that do not belong to BOF will be held for 28 days after which BOF reserves the right to dispose of it; h) Any persons, not the hirer, who signs the collection note, must be authorised to do so by the hirer; i) The hiring shall be deemed to continue until the goods are made available to BOF, or returned to their possession.
  • 5) Insurance & Additional Charges: a) The hirer shall at all times be responsible for insuring the goods, from the time of acceptance of the equipment until the time it is returned and accepted back into the possession of BOF; b) BOF shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property arising from the use of any equipment under hire; c) Shortages, breakages and damage to equipment and/or packaging will be charged for according to BOFs standard rate applicable at the time of hire; d) All food debris must be removed from the equipment before returning the goods, which should be washed, dried and returned in a clean condition. In the event of the equipment being returned unclean, an extra charge will be made to cover the cost of labour and materials needed to return it to a serviceable condition; e) No claim will be entertained unless received in writing within 5 days of conclusion of contract; f) BOF reserves the right to alter or amend the style or colour of the hire equipment supplied which will be subject to availability and to the manufacturers alterations.

Delivery and Installation

Bristol Office Furniture provides a delivery and installation service which is competitively priced and carried out by our trained, professional installation team. The delivery and installation cost of £20.00 is available when the delivery address is within the fifty-mile radius of our location, this is measured by the customer’s postcode distance from BS1 3PR and is calculated using an online AA route map distance calculator. We also make sure that the road access is appropriate for a large vehicle. If the calculated route does not provide sufficient road access, a different route may be chosen to your location, if this route is calculated to be greater than fifty miles then an additional fee may occur. We offer a delivery service between one and ten days on most products, dependent on manufacturer lead times. If you wish to enquire about lead times of certain products to ensure the delivery time of your product is correct, please contact us by telephone or e-mail in which we would be more than happy to contact a manufacturer regarding stock and availability.

If your location is above the fifty-mile radius then the cost of delivery and installation varies. For new furniture, a fee of £20.00 is available for delivery but does not include installation; the furniture is delivered direct from the manufacturer and is packaged. If the product is delivered from the manufacturer damaged, please contact us so that we can order a collect and replace from your location, we have a great after sales service at Bristol Office Furniture and will do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction with a product delivered from a manufacturer. If you require used furniture outside of the fifty-mile radius please contact us to arrange delivery. The delivery and cost is dependent on quantity and distance. We do offer an installation service on large quantities of used furniture outside the fifty-mile radius; please contact us to find out more. Delivery and installation prices can be different when hiring furniture, delivery and collection prices of hired furniture are determined per quote.

Express 72 Hour delivery: When your order is placed, we forward it directly to the manufacturer for quick dispatch. They dispatch the item next day straight to the provided address. The delivery is via courier and delivery should be accepted as if ordering from a courier (DPD). Furniture and chairs are delivered boxed for self-assembly; please see the product page of the relevant item for assembly instructions. If any issues should arise regarding damage, missing components, or unsatisfactory quality, please contact us directly so we can resolve the matter for you. 


At Bristol Office Furniture, we offer an efficient way of responsibly taking away your old furniture to be recycled or disposed of appropriately. We do large office clearances or if you have purchased furniture with us and wish to have it delivered and installed, we can collect an old item of furniture and recycle it for a small additional fee.

If you would like to enquire about our clearances all you need to do is photograph the furniture you wish to recycle, put them in an e-mail and send it to please also include your name, the company name, the address of the furniture’s location and the time scale in which you need the furniture clearing by.

Our reliable sales team will then review the photographs and reply to the e-mail expressing our interest, our availability both with timing and storage space and discus the plausibility of removing the furniture.

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