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Conference Tables

Elevate Conferences with Versatile Conference Tables

Discover a Wide Range of Conference Tables in Various Shapes and Diverse Base Options

At Bristol Office Furniture, we’re dedicated to transforming your conference spaces into hubs of productivity and innovation. Dive into our extensive collection of Conference Tables. We offer a captivating variety of shapes, including oval, square, radial, arrowhead, and more. Select the perfect base option from our remarkably diverse selection. Choose from the classic trumpet base, the versatile cruciform base, the space-efficient flat base, the charming wood leg base, or the sleek square frame base to complement your unique office aesthetics.

Key Features

Explore the exceptional features of our versatile conference tables:

  • Shape Diversity: Our conference tables come in various shapes to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s an oval table for a boardroom, a square table for collaborative discussions, or a unique radial or arrowhead shape for a dynamic setup, we’ve got you comprehensively covered.
  • Base Options: Personalize your table selection with a base that impeccably matches your style. Choose from options such as the classic trumpet base, the versatile cruciform base, the space-efficient flat base, the enduring charm of the wood leg base, or the sleek, contemporary allure of the square frame base.
  • Power and Electrical Options: Elevate your meetings with seamless technology integration. We offer power and electrical options that can be seamlessly fitted into your tables. These innovations ensure your team remains consistently connected and exceptionally productive throughout your conferences, devoid of any cumbersome cable clutter.

Enhance Collaboration

Our square conference tables foster seamless collaboration and idea-sharing, ideal for brainstorming sessions and group discussions.

Unique Styles

Discover the distinctive appeal of radial and arrowhead-shaped conference tables, infusing unparalleled innovation into your meeting rooms, promising memorable and inspiring gatherings.

Elegant Bases

Choose from our extensive base options, from the classic trumpet base for a timeless look, to the sleek and modern square frame base, designed to infuse a contemporary aesthetic into your conference spaces.

Effortless Connectivity

Streamline your workspace with the integration of power and electrical options into your conference tables, guaranteeing hassle-free access to technology without cable clutter.

Why Choose Bristol Office Furniture?

At Bristol Office Furniture, we’re unwavering in our commitment to enhancing the efficiency, collaboration, and visual appeal of your conferences. Our tables are meticulously designed to seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and durability, ensuring your meeting spaces promote innovation and informed decision-making.

Elevate your conferences with our exceptional furniture solutions. Redefine your business interactions, ignite creativity, and elevate the quality of your discussions. Explore our extensive range today, and make a transformative investment in the ambiance and efficiency of your conference spaces.


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